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3 Ways to Promote Diversity in the Workplace.

Check out this article from the Society for Diversity.  It discusses the benefits and ways to promote diversity in the workplace. The author talks about the fact that diversity in the work place is not just the right thing to do, but a smart thing. In the article by Anja Zojčeska, she includes 3  benefits to having a diverse workplace.

  1. Diversity in a workplace helps attract highly talented individuals
  2. Companies outperform their competitors when they embrace diversity
  3. Companies make more money with more diversity

The second part of the article includes life examples and advice given about workplace diversity and 3 creative ways to promote it. The first way is using social media platforms to gather an infographic. The second is a short-animated video that shows diversity from a different standpoint. The third is creative word play that one Swedish company uses named Novartis. They believe that diversity is integral to understanding the unique needs of their patients and how to find ways to addressing their needs.

Writing extensive policies on diversity is a start to changing the environment in the workplace, but effectively communicating them and acting is a huge way to continuing progress.

Alana N. Williams is the CEO and Senior Investigator of J.A. Investigative Services, LLC.  J.A. Investigative Services is a licensed and insured investigation agency that specializes in conducting professional and comprehensive Workplace Harassment Investigations and Workplace Harassment Prevention Training.  Services and trainings are offered nationwide.  Alana is a collegiate Criminal Justice Instructor and a police officer with 10 years of experience.  Also, Alana is a Licensed Private Investigator and a Certified EEO Investigator that has conducted over 70 trainings and guest appearances with audiences of 200+. 

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