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Bullying Negative Consequences

For anyone trying to learn more about bullying and the effects it has with all  parties involved, check out this article, “Bullying Has Negative Consequences For All Involved” from www.stopbullying.com. In the article, it gives several definitions that could be associated with bullying.

There are different types of bullying behavior such as:

  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Relational
  • Property damage

The article references that bullying can be a dose-response relationship meaning that the more a person experiences little doses of different form of bullying, can make their behavior progressively worse. It can also work the other way around, with the idea that the more an individual is bullied over time, the more aggressive and violent they will be towards others in their life.

Researchers also found that that the following parties experience negatives outcomes when it comes to bullying:

  1. Youth who are bullied
  2. Youth who bully others
  3. Bystanders who help the youth who bullies
  4. Bystanders who help the youth being bullied

To help reduce all the negative consequences from bullying, inform individuals about ways to prevent and decrease bullying. It is important to teach our youth to feel comfortable standing up to bullies and to report it when they see it happening to others.

Alana N. Williams is the CEO and Senior Investigator of J.A. Investigative Services, LLC.  J.A. Investigative Services is a licensed and insured investigation agency that specializes in conducting professional and comprehensive Workplace Harassment Investigations and Workplace Harassment/School Bullying Prevention Training.  Services and trainings are offered nationwide.  Alana is a collegiate Criminal Justice Instructor and a police officer with 10 years of experience.  Also, Alana is a Licensed Private Investigator and a Certified EEO Investigator that has conducted over 70 trainings and guest appearances with audiences of 200+. 

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