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School Counselor Preventing Bullying Among Her Students

As a mom of a special-needs child, I am terrified that my son will be bullied by his peers due to his “different abilities.”  I am using my previous professional experiences and business platform to try to deter bullying amongst all children. Here is an article that hits close to home for me. In, “Elementary School Counselor Plays a Role in Preventing Bullying,” Mrs. Sarah Kanter is a school counselor at an elementary school in Maryland. She has been at the school for 11 years and is making it a mission to stop bullying among young students.  She wants to tackle this now, so it does not continue to happen when they are older. As she focuses on the younger kids in elementary, she emphasizes lessons on kindness, empathy, and how to make good choices when given the opportunity. As the students get older, she incorporates more elaborate environments like social media and texting.

No matter what the grade level is, Ms. Kanter teaches all the students the term DEBUG:

  • Decide to Ignore
  • Exit, Move Away
  • Be Friendly
  • Use Firm Talk
  • Get Adult Help

Mrs. Kanter uses her position as a school educator to teach the students life lessons such as the difference between harmless teasing and vengeful bullying. I, Mrs. Kanter, and individuals in these influential positions have a lot of influence to make a change in our youth today. So why not start now?

Alana N. Williams is the CEO and Senior Investigator of J.A. Investigative Services, LLC.  J.A. Investigative Services is a licensed and insured investigation agency that specializes in conducting professional and comprehensive Workplace Harassment Investigations and Workplace Harassment Prevention Training.  Along with this training, she offers student prevention services of School Bullying Prevention and Student Sexual Assault Prevention. Services and trainings are offered nationwide.  Alana has been a collegiate Criminal Justice Instructor since 2013 and a police officer with 10 years of experience.  Also, Alana is a Licensed Private Investigator and a Certified EEO Investigator that has conducted over 70 trainings and guest appearances with audiences of 200+. 

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